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What is Real Economics?

Real Economics is an innovative new tool to support the teaching of Economics. Using both real-life and fictionalized case studies, Real Economics allows the reader to fully experience the concepts taught in textbooks. Using original artwork and edited by a Teaching resource, the novels stay true to not only delivering learning objectives but also allowing readers to immerse themselves in the Economic events of the world.

Who is it for?

Real Economics packs can be bought by schools by individual students or parents or simply by anyone with an interest in Economics

How does it work?

Graphic Novels and supporting resources can be used by teachers in the classroom context as well as by Economics enthusiasts at home.

Why Real Economics?

Economics concepts are often abstract. Teachers strive to show economic ideas in a real world context, and Real Economics provides exactly this solution.

Experience Economics like never before!

Titles in the Series

The Credit Crunch

A vivid dive into the crisis of 2007 with clearly explained terms and input from real Wall Street voices, this is a must-read for fans of The Big Short.

Two brothers and a shoe

Take a trip back to pre-war Germany, to the roots of two of the most well-known Sports labels today. Learn about the Economics concept of brands/markets.

Elon Musk and the Gigafactory

Economies of scale are explained through the fascinating account of one man’s dream to build the biggest factory in the world.

An Unnatural Disaster

Sacrifices must be made when a nation dependent on agriculture plays host to a monopoly in the form of a foreign biotech firm.

Solar Economy

A fictional account of a University student’s attempt to tap into one of the most lucrative natural resources known to man… a story of demand and supply.

Brexit I

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